the artist

Nigel Weeks (NJW) is a realism and conceptual fine artist based in the United Kingdom. Born and raised in the county of Suffolk, he showed a natural ability to paint and draw from a very early age, which as he grew became a passion for art that would later lead to studying and then gaining 'A' level and BTEC National Diploma qualifications in Art & Design. Upon leaving college he continued to expand his portfolio of work, choosing fine art as his primary focus. Having experimented with various media; including oils, gouache and watercolour, Nigel settled on his art medium of choice in Artists' Acrylics, which he is now specialized in and has developed into his own unique style. As well as utilising the more traditional canvas for his creations, he also enjoys painting on other surfaces, such as card and textured paper. He continues to use both real life and imagination as the basis for his work, often combining the two elements in creative and interesting ways.

In addition to creating art, Nigel is also an electronic music composer and producer. He has been writing music over a period of years, but not until recently had he shared his compositions online before. With platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube he has found a place where in combination with his cover designs he feels comfortable to release his music, under the moniker of Art Meets Electronica.

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